Birel ART 2021 RY30-S12 KF-TAG

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BirelART RY30-S12 KF-TAG


Based on the S11 models we have further refined and improved the performance as well as different technical details that improve and simplify the use and management.

  • Upgraded geometry of the frame
  • New pedal adjustment system
  • New floor panel
  • New layout of stickers
  • New steering column
  • New steering column support
  • New gas hose/telemetry wire support


  • COLOUR: the colour of the karts of Racing range remain the classic Birel ART red "RAL 3002". 
  • FRONT POD: the karts will be mounted as standard with the front pod KG 506
  • REAR POD: the karts will be mounted as standard with the rear pods KG CLOB.
  • GRAPHICS: as last year, the graphics have been redesigned to give an aggressive and elegant look that distinguishes Birel ART image.
  • FRONT STABILIZER BAR: an "Optional" new front and rear bars are available, composed of two uniballs for optimizing the frame's torsion as well as further adjustment of the differences according to the positioning

Suitable for all KF engines. The RY30 is an amazing LO206 performing chassis. 

Price does not include tires and comes installed with Freeline seat sized to fit racer.