BirelART 2020 CRY30 S11 KZ-Shifter Chassis

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BirelART CRY30 S11 KZ-Shifter 2020 STOCK SALE

$7095 reg $ 5695 Sale Price

Based on the S10 models BirelART improved the already succesful performance of the chassis.

Key improvements :

-New adjuster system for steering column

-New system for pedal fixation

-''C'' spindle support with doube holes for excentric


Wheels: In 2018, we introduce our new OPTIONAL magnesium wheels (Mod. DM 130 + 212) LPC (Low Pressure Cast), manufactured with a particular fusion technology. The size will be different, especially in the rear with a wider total width and an off-set of 10mm.

Front bumper: New FREELINE 505 front bumper will be mounted as series on all the Racing karts.

Rear bumper: The S11 karts will come with the new rear KG CLOB model bumper.

Graphics: New 2020 sticker kit. 

Rear axles: F and B 50mm axles will be available in production for KZ-Shifter categories. They will now be 1060mm long.

Brake system: The brake system remains the strong and reliable RR-I25 calipers with the 22SRR master cylinder. You can choose between three options of brake pad materials and the adoption of cast iron brake disc D.180 to improve braking and reduce wear.

Spindles: Spindle stays the classic 2 piece with the choice of 5 spindle stems giving the possibility to add or remove grip on the front of the chassis.

Clutch lever: The vertically adjustable gear lever works on rollers allowing more precise shifting, while the driver can adjust the position to suit him best. 

Magnesium: Optional Front and rear hubs are available in magnesium. Fully machined rear short hubs d.40x100 mm or long d.50x115 mm double screw. Front hubs are 85mm long.