BirelART 2020 CRY30-RX-S11 "NEW" DD2 Rotax chassis with Rotax DD2 EVO Engine from 2020 Grand Finals

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BirelART CRY30-RX-S11 DD2 Grand Finals SALE

$12595 reg $9500 GF SALE PRICE



This chassis is made specifically for the rotax DD2 category, well established and victorious, it has been updated to make it even more suitable for this particular engine.

The S11 BirelART have improved the already succesful performance of the chassis.

Key improvements from the S11 models:

-New adjuster system for steering column
-New system for pedal fixation
-''C'' spindle support with doube holes for excentric

*****These S11 Grand Finals chassis have all the S12 improvements:

  • New pedal adjustment system
  • New floor panel
  • New layout of stickers
  • New steering column
  • New steering column support
  • New gas hose/telemetry wire support

Engine 125 Max DD2 evo: The chainless drive concept is combined with a 2-speed gearbox operated by means of shift paddles directly from the steering wheel. Ideal for drivers aged 15 years and older with know-how in kart racing, the engine is the closest to Formula car racing. Launched in 2002, the revolutionary engine gave rise to the development of chassis by all leading manufacturers.

 ***tires not included

2020 Chassis CRY30-RX S11:

Brake system: The brake systems were updated both in the mixture of brake pads and in the treatment, especially the cast iron brake disc D.180 to improve the breaking and the wear.

Spindles: The spindle remains the classic 2 pieces with the introduction of a new thicker spindle stem made out of a more noble material with better characteristics. The main goal of the "H" stems will be to give more insertion increasing the grip on the front of the chassis.

Rear Axle: A variety of 4 axles are available for this chassis. We introduced the new R axle that stands out for it's very good side seal, good stability under braking and optimal traction while leaving the kart very free. From now on, the rear axles will be specifically produced for DD2 categories with only 3 keyways. The size of DD2 axles is 40x3x1040mm.

Graphic kit: All the racing karts will have new BirelART graphics.

Magnesium: New feature for the CRY30-RX chassis, it is now available with optional front and rear magnesium hubs.

Engine 125 Max DD2 evo:

Age: 15 years +

Race Class: national / international

Maximum Performance: 25 kW / 34 hp at 12.000 rpm

Maximum Torque: 22 Nm at 10.500 rpm

Weight: bare engine: 16,8 kg / 37,0 lbs
             with complete power pack: 28,8 kg / 63,5 lbs

Special Features: Chainless drive system, 2-speed gearbox, operated by shift paddle from the steering wheel, cylinder with electronically controlled exhaust valve

Power Pack: intake silencer, carburetor, fuel pump, engine, exhaust system, radiator, battery, battery box incl. cover, cable harness, OFF/ON/START switch, relay

Price included delivery to SKZ Motorsports, complete install with freeline seat sized to fit racer.

Price does not include tires