BirelART Cadet C28-S8-B Cadet Chassis

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BirelART C28-S8-B


Developed for the Mini Cadet categories such as the Rotax MicroMax, MiniSwift and Micro Rok, The C28-S8-B has undergone several structural modifications. The geometry and the materials were improve to increase it's performance and ease of driving. It will come with the new axle bearing support and a brand new front bodywork aimed to improve performance. An other new feature is the 3-hole postition steering wheel, offering a wider range of adjustments for more rigidity and stability. The position of the seat supports has been optimised to improve the balance of the kart and weight distribution. It will be equipped with the new “Racing” steering column and the new spindles with 2 holes adjustments. It will be equipped with a new removable petrol tank 4,5L. It will have also a new steering column that offers more possibility of regulation for the footrest. It will have the front pod MK14 KG.


Brake system This kart comes with the CX brake system.

Spindles: BirelART came up with a brand new design for spindles for the 2017 chassis. Two mounting points are available on the spindles giving drivers and mechanics more options to get the right setup. 

Rear Axle: A variety of 4 axles are available for this chassis. B - F - H - M.

Graphic kit: All the racing karts will have new Birel ART ‘EVO’ graphics, revised and improved for a modern and trendy look.

Technical Specs

28mm chassis

30x5x960mm F axle

950mm wheel base

Spindles  D 17mm  L 150mm

Black Magnesium Wheels

BirelART Evo graphic kit

CX rear brake system

Reg Price $3795.00