Briggs and Stratton Racing 4T motor oil

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Amsoil Briggs & Stratton Racing 4T


Specifically designed for the Briggs LO206 engine-

Formulated to Reduce Heat
Synthetic 4T Racing Oil does not contain impurities inherent to conventional oils, allowing it to naturally resist the elevated heat common to high-performance racing engines, including air-cooled models. Its increased thermal stability helps reduce operating temperatures and guards against the formation of harmful sludge and deposits, promoting optimum engine performance and life.

Maximum Horsepower & Protection
Synthetic 4T Racing Oil is engineered with specialized friction modifiers and advanced additives that reduce energy loss due to friction while providing strong anti-wear properties. As a result, Synthetic 4T Racing Oil combines the horsepower of a lite oil with the wear protection of a heavier oil.

Contains Powerful Foam Inhibitors
The churning action inside high-rpm engines introduces air into the oil, which causes lesser oils to foam. As air bubbles are drawn between engine parts, they collapse, allowing metal-to-metal contact and wear. Synthetic 4T Racing Oil is engineered with powerful anti-foam agents. It resists foam to form a durable lubricating film between engine parts.

Resists Corrosion
Synthetic 4T Racing Oil contains corrosion inhibitors to guard against the formation of corrosion between races and during longer periods of storage.