Briggs LO206 complete engine package

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Briggs LO206 Engine


This total complete kit includes:

-Local 206 Briggs and Stratton Engine

-Briggs Green Air Filter

-Carburator with senior throttle slide

-Briggs Exhaust Pipe

-RLV Exhaust Silencer

-Exhaust copper gasket

-Exhaust Collar

-Complete inferno clutch with pinion gear of your choice 

-Custom Pulse Fitting and Plugs

-Engine Chain Guard

-Exhaust wrap or Sleeve

-exhaust supports 

-Motor mount 


-Rear Gear # of teeth your choice 

-Chain Guard

-Catch Can

-Break in Oil added

-1 Litre of Briggs 4T Oil

-Air Filter cover

-SKZ Carb set up